Educational field trip to Sēlija and Latgale during the summer plein air session on June 6. - 7. 2019.


        At the end of the school year, 3-6. grade students spent the first week of June in the summer plein air - painting, drawing and went on a 2 day educational field trip to Sēlija and Latgale as a part of the summer plein air session, continuing to learn about the Latvian cultural environment. This year's trip took place in the spirit of the ‘’Daugava Circles’’, a route that was thoughtfully planned by Anda Plauma, a teacher and deputy principal of the school. Teachers and students got acquainted with the Mailīši weaving workshop and the art objects created by the artist Ivars Mailītis in Ērgļi.                                 

      While continuing the field trip through Pļaviņas and Koknese all participants had a chance to sail longships once used by Vikings and listened to the captains stories about the Daugava, its banks and the immediate surroundings before the construction of Pļaviņas hydroelectric station.
       The tour continued in Līvāni, where the historical exposition “Craftsmen in Latgale 19th-20th Century” and the exhibition of qualification works of students of Rēzekne Secondary School of Art and Design "Be smart, free and creative ..." was visited, . In the Līvāni Glass Museum, the Students also practiced drawing various forms of Līvāni glass dishes. For the night everyone was staying in Ilūkste and on the second morning a visit to Ilūkste Music and Art School took place.
       The exhibitions at Rothko Center in Daugavpils, were as diverse as life itself - from very high technical and intellectual prowess to a bit awkward sweet personal excitement, from an abundance of emotions to a formal technical virtuosity. It is very important for students to visit serious exhibitions, to see and feel art in its diversity, which is often lacking in a small-town cultural environment. It was interesting to watch how school children with their open world perception admire talent and genuine emotions…
     Continuing the tour, the landscapes with picturesque Daugava circles were explored, and the participants of the tour, climbing the observation tower, could see the Rozališķi Circle of the Daugava river - one of the most beautiful Latvian landscapes that once embellished the Latvian banknote - 10 lats bill.
     Before going home, we had a shared lunch at the scenic Lake Rāzna and received diplomas, awards and appreciation for outstanding results in studies and competitions.