This year, on May 28 and 29, 2024 at 10:00  and August 26 and 27, 2024 at 10:00 are going to be held the entrance examinations in Professional Introduction Programme “Visual-plastic Art” for 8 and more years old students wanting to attend our school during school year 2024./2025. Applicants have to take for examinations their own drawing and painting instruments and materials.

       Address: Ojāra Vācieša Street 2, Alūksne.


Without any examinations students are admitted in the following groups of interest education:

  •  pre-school age drawing and ceramics classes,
  •  “Visual-plastic Art” for first grade pupils from age of 7,
  •  “Visual-plastic Art” for primary school pupils from grade 2 to 6,
  •  “Visual-plastic Art” for students from grade 7 to 12.

Tel.: 29177702, 64322433


About the school
         Alūksne Art School is Professional Introduction Educational institution developing knowledge, skills and orientation to values of Art. It also prepares for entrance examinations in secondary professional educational institutions. Admission of students in the school is organised according to Education Law, Professional Education Law and Regulation of the school. When students have fully and completely acquired their learning programme they receive Certificate of Professional Introduction Education for the programme “Visual-plastic Art” (code 20V 21100 1).
For partial acquirement of the learning programme students receive certificate of their school attendance and their report of results.


Interest education programmes

  • Participants of pre-school programme can acquire their skills during one lesson every week in ceramics or fine arts (drawing/painting) or in both subjects. Number of grades — 4 grades for each of subjects.
  • Participants of first-grade group can acquire their programme during 2 lessons per week including learning tasks in drawing, painting, ceramics, applique and paper plastics. Number of grades: 2 grades.
  • Our program of interest education for students of grades 2 to 6 lessons includes 3 lessons once a week. During the lessons students will acquire drawing, painting and skills for creating 3D works.
  • In the programme of interest education for students of grades 7 to 12 it is possible to attend drawing and painting classes - 4 lessons per week.


Entrance examinations
            Professional Introduction Education programme “Visual-plastic art” (code 20V 21100 1) - the test of imagination, colours, composition and proportions is organised in subjects Drawing and Painting.
            For Professional introduction education programme “Visual-plastic art” students are admitted from age of 8. If during examination any student shows exceptional skills in art and better results than required for beginning studies in grade 1 the student can start studies in one of higher classes. In higher classes can be admitted students who have been studying in other professional introduction education art school after they have submitted report with school results and works (prepared before) for evaluation to the enrolment commission of the school.
            Period of education for professional introduction educational programme “Visual-plastic Art” (code 20V 21100 1, license No. P-12017) for students in age of 8 to 15 are 7 school years. Volume of the programme: 2455 lessons.


Documents for application to the school:

  • Application questionnaire addressed to director of the school,
  •  Copy of the birth certificate,
  •  Medical certificate 027 U,
  • Certificate from the school of general education,
  • Education document from the prior professional introduction education institution if attended.
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