Ojārs Vēliņš

           Founder and director of the school, teacher, master of humanities in visual-plastic arts, graduated from Janis Rozentals Riga High school of Art and the Art Academy of Latvia. Paintings in oil technique, stained glasses and monumental wall paintings, graphical and environmental design works with computer programmes. Teacher of drawing, painting and basics of computer graphics in the Art School.

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Anita Vēliņa

                Founder of the school, artist-master of leather artistic design, master degree in education and master degree of humanities in visual-plastic arts. Paintings in oil and acrylic techniques. Responsibilities of teaching assistant of director. Teacher of painting, basics of art language and artistic design of leathers in the Art School. Planning and leading of creative projects in the school with participation of students and teachers, courses of further education courses for adults. Long time has been leader of methodical association for teachers of Visual Arts in Alūksne regional schools.

               From June 2016 she gains new experience abroad. At the moment she is freelance employee of the school without keeping her wage, she collaborates with administration of the school in different matters associated with future educational work strategy of the school.

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Elita Salaka

                  Artist-master of textile art, master of national craftsmanship, art teacher. Paintings on silk and works of textile art. Teacher of composition and textile art.

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Rita Balane

               Designer of textiles, educated as teacher in RPIVA. Creative works of painting on silk. Graduate of Alūksne Art School. Teacher of drawing, painting and composition. Expert of school office work.

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Ilze Balande-Egle

               Teacher, florist, employer. Bachelor's degree in pedagogy and Master's degree in sociology acquired in the University of Agriculture of Latvia. Floristic studies with Taivo Piller (Estonia) and Peter Hess (Switzerland). More than 10 years has been working in her family business - in flower salon. Graduate of Alūksne Art School 1st graduating class. Her hobby is needlework making very fine laces in frivolite and ankars techniques.

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Lilija Kukle

             Artist-master in ceramics, teacher of visual-plastic arts. Paintings in oil and acrylic techniques, also creative works in ceramic and porcelain painting. Teacher of knowledge and skills in modelling and ceramics in the school. “Hostess” of the ceramic workshop. More information at http://lilija.lv/

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Anda Plauma

           She has acquired education of textile artist-master in Riga Applied Art Secondary School and has absolved the Faculty of Pedagogy in the University of Latvia. She works with textile printing technique on linen and improves it creatively. She has long experience of pedagogical work in visual art and home economics and also at school management and educational work organization in the educational institution.

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Ilze Sliņķe


Alise Krajeviča

Visual arts educator and creative personality.  In 2022, she graduated from the Latvian Academy of Arts. Has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts/Audiovisual Arts and Media Arts. Movement.Image.Sound/. In 2016, she graduated from Janis Rozentāls Riga Art School. Obtained qualification - illustrator (specialization - graphics), graduated from Alūksne Art School in 2011.  Teaches painting at school to grade 6 in the vocationally oriented educational program "Visual Plastic Art" and conducts classes in the interest education program "Visual Plastic Art" in primary school age from grades 2 to 6, "Visual plastic art in preschool age-drawing".

Teaches painting at school

Tamāra Fjodorova

             School's “dwarf” taking care of order and cleanliness in the school and its surroundings, putting in order “artistically” scattered things and often delighting colleagues by decorating school with bunches of flowers cultivated by herself.

Ligija Priede

                   School's “dwarf” not only putting in order “artistically” scattered things, taking care of cleanliness and order in the school and its surroundings but also sometimes making surprises for colleagues with some lovely gift of nature or other nice gifts.

Ivars Stafeckis

          Skolas “rūķis”, kas rūpējas par  tehniskas dabas jautājumu risinājumu  skolā un kārtību skolā un tās apkārtnē, sagādā skolai visas nepieciešamās saimnieciskās lietas un materiālus, pārzina skolas ēku un teritoriju un veic citus, tikai viņam uzticētus pienākumus.

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