Date: 15.01.2016 In January 2016 our school was visited by artist Elita Patmalniece and her colleagues

            On January 12, 2016, at 16:00 personal exhibition by artist Elita Patmalniece was opened in the Alūksne Museum. After this event the artist with her colleagues took opportunity to visit representatives from related field in Alūksne Art School. Those moments spent together were really unforgettable moments for students with writing of autographs, taking selphies and getting into common picture.
A little about artist Elita Patmalniece
Fashion artist and painter Elita Patmalniece was born in July 23, 1964, in Ogre. She has studied in the fashion department of the Art Academy of Latvia fashion department and acquired her Bachelor's degree in 1998, later continued her studies in the painting workshop of A. Naumovs and K. Zariņš (in the Art Academy of Latvia). She acquired her Master degree in painting subfield. Since 1992 the artist was creating garments. Attention of critics from the fashion field was gained by her collection of garments in the show “Nepieradinātās modes asambleja” (Wild fashion assembly) in 90-ties. Since 1989 when Elita Patmalniece was awarded by the 1st prize in the Soviet Union Contest of Young Fashion Artists in Tallinn other important awards followed such as the 1st prize in artists contest in Vilnius, prize for non-traditional solution of the work in the exhibition “Miniatūras” (Miniatures) (2005) and others.
Elita Patmalniece: “First: I am human. First you should be human. Once I was asked: “Who are you?” I told: ”How –who? Human!” My friend said: “Say – artist!” Me again: “Why artist - normal human!” What I am for artist? There are real artists. All my life I have simply done what I liked and it is super. I am working to all sides – drawing, sewing and printing over shirts and napkins, participating in the shows and concerts. So it follows I am multiartist. But I suppose I cannot another way.”
(From the publication of Zvaigzne ABC, Elita Patmalniece “Prieks:) no A līdz Z” (Joy :) from A to Z), 2014)

You can visit this exhibition in the Museum of Alūksne (Pils Street 74) from January 12 by February 4.

Date: 13.01.2016 Meeting of graduates and former students of Alūksne Art School, December 26, 2015

               On December 26, 2015, the meeting of the graduates and former students with their classmates and teachers was organised in Alūksne Art School. The mood of evening was made special by musical performance of Sniedze Prauliņa and Edgars Šubrovskis. See GALLERY - EVENTS - “Meeting of school graduates celebrating 25th anniversary of the School, December 26, 2015”, also

Date: 15.10.2015 Alūksne Art School - 25

           The anniversary of Alūksne Art School was celebrated with opening of the exhibition “BLUE-BLACK-WHITE” by Veri (Estonia) Art School students - collaboration partners of Alūksne Art School in October 15, 2015, at 3.00 pm. The exhibition is a present from Estonian friends. The theme of the exhibition is colours of Estonian flag. The whole exhibition is maintained in this atmosphere telling about life, nature and people in Estonia.
Exactly 25 years ago - in October 15, 1990, the first students were first time admitted in Alūksne Art School. They came to New Castle of Alūksne and were greeted. And this day has become the symbolic birthday of the school - and now it is already the twenty-fifth.

Date: 08.05.2015 Exhibition of paintings by Māris Salmiņš, man from our district, in Alūksne Art School

              Exhibition of paintings by artist Māris Salmiņš in Alūksne Art School can be visited from April 17, 2015.
Māris Salmiņš, artist from Alūksne, was drawing since early childhood. Painting was mostly learned by self-education. During period of secondary school in holidays he participated in workshops organised by Emīls Melngailis Folk Art House in Cēsis and Rauna. Oil paintings were exhibited in Rauna as well as in the exhibition of young artists in Rīga Pioneer Castle where he was awarded by first success - winner title. During studies in Riga Polytechnical Institute he attended drawing courses in Art Academy.
His nature landscapes are mostly painted in oil technique. His paintings are reflections of all seasons: both spring and autumn colourfulness with changing shades of water, snowy roads in winter and flowering gardens in summer. His heart is close to landscapes of Latvia and they have been exhibited in different exhibitions in Alūksne, Balvi, Valmiera and Rīga.
The artist was participant of the Art Days in Rīga as well as different exhibitions by groups and traditional exhibitions by artists of Alūksne. At the moment many paintings are included in the private collections of the friends of art.

Date: 10.05.2014 The exhibition “Trejdeviņas saules lec” May 10-14, 2014.

               Exhibition-competition “Trejdeviņas saules lec” of visual and visual-plastic art by students of educational institutions from the region of Vidzeme can be visited in Alūksne Art School from May 10 to May 14, 2014, from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. You are welcome to get unforgettable impressions in the colourful world of art!