New creative experience in Biomusical excursion at Ziemeri Manor


      This year in the morning of October 5, a group of Aluksne Art School students and teachers went to Ziemeri Manor to participate in a Biomusical field trip. The event was well attended. Both pupils from the Ziemeri Elementary School with their teachers and other interested people from Aluksne and other regions came. The events of the day were preceded by a brief introduction to the history of the manor hostess Dita Balčus and project manager Egija Silāre and a tour of the manor premises. This was followed by work in 3 creative workshops. Each participant received a workbook, "Paintbrush in Nature," which featured reproductions of works by Edmund, Justine and Dace Lūči, illustrating the ability of artists to depict nature, its processes with different materials and techniques.
      Under the guidance of artist Dace Lūce, a map of Ziemeri Manor was created in workbooks and on a canvas on the wall. During the day, each group complemented it, and at the end of the day, a colourful map of Ziemeri Manor with the location of the surrounding objects was ready.
        Under the guidance of Doctor of Biology Iluta Dauškāne we met rare lichens in the manor park, counted the annual seasons of the trees and learned a lot of valuable information about events in nature, enjoyed the unusual shapes and richness of colours. At the end of the day, we studied lichens under a microscope.
       The artist Justīne Lūce led a creative workshop where we reproduced the leaf, lichen texture, created sketches of the manor landscape, and depicted the manor house both graphically with pencils and colours.
        Pupils at the workshop led by musician Elizabeth Balčus had the opportunity to learn how house plants, leaves, lichens sound. At the end of the creative day we all listened to her musical performance.

      Many thanks to the organizers of the event, especially Dita Balčus, for the invitation to participate in the interesting and thoughtful creative event in Ziemeri Manor, where we gained new experiences and knowledge, as well as had a nice time during the event!