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Alūksne Art School - 25

           The anniversary of Alūksne Art School was celebrated with opening of the exhibition “BLUE-BLACK-WHITE” by Veri (Estonia) Art School students - collaboration partners of Alūksne Art School in October 15, 2015, at 3.00 pm. The exhibition is a present from Estonian friends. The theme of the exhibition is colours of Estonian flag. The whole exhibition is maintained in this atmosphere telling about life, nature and people in Estonia.
Exactly 25 years ago - in October 15, 1990, the first students were first time admitted in Alūksne Art School. They came to New Castle of Alūksne and were greeted. And this day has become the symbolic birthday of the school - and now it is already the twenty-fifth.

Exhibition of paintings by Māris Salmiņš, man from our district, in Alūksne Art School

              Exhibition of paintings by artist Māris Salmiņš in Alūksne Art School can be visited from April 17, 2015.
Māris Salmiņš, artist from Alūksne, was drawing since early childhood. Painting was mostly learned by self-education. During period of secondary school in holidays he participated in workshops organised by Emīls Melngailis Folk Art House in Cēsis and Rauna. Oil paintings were exhibited in Rauna as well as in the exhibition of young artists in Rīga Pioneer Castle where he was awarded by first success - winner title. During studies in Riga Polytechnical Institute he attended drawing courses in Art Academy.
His nature landscapes are mostly painted in oil technique. His paintings are reflections of all seasons: both spring and autumn colourfulness with changing shades of water, snowy roads in winter and flowering gardens in summer. His heart is close to landscapes of Latvia and they have been exhibited in different exhibitions in Alūksne, Balvi, Valmiera and Rīga.
The artist was participant of the Art Days in Rīga as well as different exhibitions by groups and traditional exhibitions by artists of Alūksne. At the moment many paintings are included in the private collections of the friends of art.

The exhibition “Trejdeviņas saules lec” May 10-14, 2014.

               Exhibition-competition “Trejdeviņas saules lec” of visual and visual-plastic art by students of educational institutions from the region of Vidzeme can be visited in Alūksne Art School from May 10 to May 14, 2014, from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. You are welcome to get unforgettable impressions in the colourful world of art!

The exhibition by Inese Jakobi, Inese Birstiņa and Vita Plūme, textile artists, is opened on February 18, 2014.

                The exhibition of art works by Inese Jakobi, remarkable Latvian artist of textile, and Inese Birstiņa and Vita Plūme, both Latvian textile artists living in Canada, is going to be opened in Alūksne Art School in February 18 at 11.00 am.
Vita Plūme has achieved permanent place in the art and has become teacher in USA - associate professor in the Design college of the university in the state of North Carolina.
Inese Birstiņa has started with weaving as traditional field of textile. After in seventies she turned to felting, but in this exhibition you can see works created in weekdays when she was working in computer company and got excited by making photo portraits of unintentionally lost gloves she had found.
Inese Jakobi is undeniably one of the most brilliant Latvian artists in textile. In her art she can startle both with format, content and unusual technical solutions.
In this exhibition you can see the window - favourite subject for Inese. What is a window? Is it a bridge between indoor, personal space and outdoor or a border between them? Why is it sometimes a bridge but sometimes a border? Which windows should be opened and which shouldn't? When to shut and when to open? Who will tell you?
May be viewer can ask to himself those questions in the exhibition, but may be he can find answers...

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