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New creative experience in Biomusical excursion at Ziemeri Manor

      This year in the morning of October 5, a group of Aluksne Art School students and teachers went to Ziemeri Manor to participate in a Biomusical field trip. The event was well attended. Both pupils from the Ziemeri Elementary School with their teachers and other interested people from Aluksne and other regions came. The events of the day were preceded by a brief introduction to the history of the manor hostess Dita Balčus and project manager Egija Silāre and a tour of the manor premises. This was followed by work in 3 creative workshops. Each participant received a workbook, "Paintbrush in Nature," which featured reproductions of works by Edmund, Justine and Dace Lūči, illustrating the ability of artists to depict nature, its processes with different materials and techniques.
      Under the guidance of artist Dace Lūce, a map of Ziemeri Manor was created in workbooks and on a canvas on the wall. During the day, each group complemented it, and at the end of the day, a colourful map of Ziemeri Manor with the location of the surrounding objects was ready.
        Under the guidance of Doctor of Biology Iluta Dauškāne we met rare lichens in the manor park, counted the annual seasons of the trees and learned a lot of valuable information about events in nature, enjoyed the unusual shapes and richness of colours. At the end of the day, we studied lichens under a microscope.
       The artist Justīne Lūce led a creative workshop where we reproduced the leaf, lichen texture, created sketches of the manor landscape, and depicted the manor house both graphically with pencils and colours.
        Pupils at the workshop led by musician Elizabeth Balčus had the opportunity to learn how house plants, leaves, lichens sound. At the end of the creative day we all listened to her musical performance.

      Many thanks to the organizers of the event, especially Dita Balčus, for the invitation to participate in the interesting and thoughtful creative event in Ziemeri Manor, where we gained new experiences and knowledge, as well as had a nice time during the event!


          On September 14, this year, Jāzepa Pīgožņa Award for New Latvian Landscape Painters took place in the city of Preiļi. Three other exhibitions related to the painter Jāzeps Pīgoznis were on view at the same time - exhibition of the 5th Jāzepa Pīgožņa Award for Latvian Landscape Painters, exhibition of Jāzepa Pīgožņa Award for New Latvian Landscape Painters and exhibition of Preiļi plein air landscape paintings. The award for new painters took place only second time and this year three students from Aluksne Art School submitted their works - Dana Deineko, Agnese Ābeltiņa and Līna Vika. Acrylic works were done in spring under the guidance of teacher Anita Vēliņa. All three works are on display in Preiļi Music and Art School Exhibition Hall and will take part in traveling tours around Latvia.
         Two students - Agnese Ābeltiņa and Līna Vika received the organizers recognition for their successful participation and creativity in the contest.

For parents of Aluksne Art school students!

         The new school year begins before summer has even ended... all of us - teachers, students and parents have a long road ahead of us. And what kind of road it will be depends on all of us. Aluksne Art school encourages our students to have a broader view, hear more and think deeper. All of that needs serious work and attitude from all of our students.
          So that our joint cooperation would continue to be successful we invite you to review the rules found on the school's website - school regulations, school rules and discuss them with your children.
         During this school year, we have made sure that each class has its own responsible teacher, who will ensure closer communication with the students parents and help with other issues. Anita Vēliņa will take care for 6th and 7th grade but 5th grade will be in responsibility of teacher Ilze Balande-Egle. Rita Balane will be in charge of 4th grade, Lilija Kukle for 3rd grade, Elita Salaka for 2nd grade and Anda Plauma for 1st grade.
        We are happy that you have chosen professionally oriented educational program “Visual Plastic Art” of Aluksne Art school. The program provides students with the opportunity to obtain an important educational document within 7 years - a certificate of the professionally oriented educational program “Visual Plastic Art” (educational code 20V 21100 1). Experience has shown that often the child has to make a choice if he or she is interested in music, sports or has some other interest. If you feel and understand that it is too difficult for your child to study in a professionally oriented educational program, our school also has the opportunity to attend the interest-based educational program "Visual Plastic Arts" for different age groups.
       This year, we are particularly thinking about working with parents, so we will invite parents to attend meetings and participate in school board for a better opportunity to hear your suggestions, and let you know more about the specifics of school work.
         As a tradition, we continue to create a school work exhibit in the school's Exhibition Hall on Museum Night, the third Saturday in May, when you are especially welcome to see what we have been doing and what Your children have learned in our school.
        We wish a creative and colorful new school year for all of us!

Anda Plauma, Deputy Director of the Aluksne Art School




August 26, 27 at 10 a.m.
• “Pre-School Drawing and Ceramics Classes”
(4-6 years),
• "Visual Plastic Art" for first grade students from 7 years,
• "Visual Plastic Art" for elementary school grades 2-6,
• "Visual Plastic Art" for young people in grades 7-12,
• "Visual Plastic Art" for Adults.
tel. 29177702, 64322433

For more information on enrollment and education, see here:

Educational field trip to Sēlija and Latgale during the summer plein air session on June 6. - 7. 2019.

        At the end of the school year, 3-6. grade students spent the first week of June in the summer plein air - painting, drawing and went on a 2 day educational field trip to Sēlija and Latgale as a part of the summer plein air session, continuing to learn about the Latvian cultural environment. This year's trip took place in the spirit of the ‘’Daugava Circles’’, a route that was thoughtfully planned by Anda Plauma, a teacher and deputy principal of the school. Teachers and students got acquainted with the Mailīši weaving workshop and the art objects created by the artist Ivars Mailītis in Ērgļi.                                 

      While continuing the field trip through Pļaviņas and Koknese all participants had a chance to sail longships once used by Vikings and listened to the captains stories about the Daugava, its banks and the immediate surroundings before the construction of Pļaviņas hydroelectric station.
       The tour continued in Līvāni, where the historical exposition “Craftsmen in Latgale 19th-20th Century” and the exhibition of qualification works of students of Rēzekne Secondary School of Art and Design "Be smart, free and creative ..." was visited, . In the Līvāni Glass Museum, the Students also practiced drawing various forms of Līvāni glass dishes. For the night everyone was staying in Ilūkste and on the second morning a visit to Ilūkste Music and Art School took place.
       The exhibitions at Rothko Center in Daugavpils, were as diverse as life itself - from very high technical and intellectual prowess to a bit awkward sweet personal excitement, from an abundance of emotions to a formal technical virtuosity. It is very important for students to visit serious exhibitions, to see and feel art in its diversity, which is often lacking in a small-town cultural environment. It was interesting to watch how school children with their open world perception admire talent and genuine emotions…
     Continuing the tour, the landscapes with picturesque Daugava circles were explored, and the participants of the tour, climbing the observation tower, could see the Rozališķi Circle of the Daugava river - one of the most beautiful Latvian landscapes that once embellished the Latvian banknote - 10 lats bill.
     Before going home, we had a shared lunch at the scenic Lake Rāzna and received diplomas, awards and appreciation for outstanding results in studies and competitions.

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